Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~Your Opinion~
Hello to all of you Mom's! I am wanting your opinion about a little girl that I watch. Her name is Phoebe and she is 11 months old. Ok, here it goes. How old was your baby (s) when you started feeding them table food instead of baby food? When did you start giving them regular milk instead of formula? This little girl is the cutest baby. The reason I am asking, her Mom is feeding her table food, such as Macaroni n Cheese (not mashed up) baked beans, pancakes, oranges and so forth. I told her that I was not comfortable feeding her some of these things, afraid of her choking. The Mom told me that if she does, just turn her upside down and spank her butt. I know the Mom loves her, but is wanting her to grow up way to fast. I feel sorry for the baby, afraid she is not getting the nutrition that she needs. She is wanting her to be off of her bottle when she turns 1. I think that is kind of soon, but me not having any kids, just want your opinion. Hope to hear from you!!