Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I want to wish my Father-in-Law, Charles, a Happy 60th Birthday. I truly couldn't ask for a better Father-in-Law. He has helped us so much and we greatly appreciate him.


OK, I know a lot of you are tired of the snow, but me on the other hand, I just LOVE the snow. My thinking is, enjoy it while we can, because before long, we are going to be saying "Oh it is so hot, I can't wait until is snows." I know that is how I am, so right now, I am ENJOYING the snow and the cooler weather.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


RYAN NEWMAN. Ok, I know some of you are in to your football, but my Husband likes NASCAR. I know some about it, and picked Ryan Newman as my driver. Well he won the Daytona 500. I was excited that He did. I know this my not interest you, but just wanted to share.



Well to start off, I did not get to take my niece scrapbooking:( For some reason she did not want to go. My good friend Amy, her Mom and sister was there, so I was with them, and had a great time.


On Valentine's Day, I had Ayden, so he colored his Mommy and Daddy a couple of pictures for them. He had fun doing this. Later we went over to His house, and Him and His Mommy went sledding, and I pulled them with a 4 wheeler. We had a blast.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Awesome Sunday

This morning in JR Church, I was talking with the girls about Easter. They did not know the meaning of Easter. (Some of these girls have been coming to Church since last August.) One thing led to another and we got to talking about Heaven and Hell. Alisha started crying. The more we talked the more she wanted to pray. The other girls wanted to too, but I am not so sure if it was because of how Alisha was acting. Alisha was the only crying. I asked them if they wanted to pray and the all said yes. I then took them out to the regular service, and interrupted our Pastor. I told Him, that these girls wanted to pray and ask Jesus into their lives. He stopped preaching and everyone gathered around these precious girls. I truly believe that Alisha really got something. Before she left for home, she asked me if Jesus would help her to be good and to do the right things. I told her that He would. I also told her that if she ever felt that she did something wrong, that all she had to do, was to ask Jesus to forgive her. Please, please pray for her and the other little ones.
Also pray for another girl, Jocelyn. Jocelyn is 13, and last fall one of the boys from her school and a close friend of hers, hung himself. She asked me today, if He was in Heaven. She said that some other boys made him do it, so it really wasn't his fault. I told her that only God knows, and that she has trust in God. Pray that God will truly deal with her heart, and also help her this awful time in her life. If you think that I could have handled this better or if there is something that I can say to her, please let me know.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Going to take my niece Courtney, scrapbooking on Friday. Can't wait. She will also be spending the night with me. I'm sure we will have a blast.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, we had Bro. and Sis. Mac at our Church. We always love having them. After Church, we had a dinner. Below are some pictures of the dinner and also of some of the kids. Enjoy!!

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Hours of My Day

I have been tagged by Gale, to do a list of My Day. Here it goes.

11:00am Got up (did not sleep well last night) Did up my folders for my party and got everything else ready.

12:00pm Took my shower and washed my hair. Got dressed and took Tom to our Friends.

1:00pm Left to go to my HGP Party. Arrived at Party and set things up.

2:00pm Party started!! YEA!!

3:00PM Still at Party having fun

4:00pm getting ready to leave Party

5:00pm At Walmart. Heading to our friends Jayme and Amy

6:00pm Eating supper at Jayme and Amy's.

7:00pm Still at Jayme and Amy's

8:00pm Still there

9:00pm Not home yet:)

10:00pm Getting ready to head home

11:00pm We are safely home

12:00am Checking emails and blogs:) going to go to bed soon.

Ok, now I did mine, so now I am going to tag Valerie, Brenda, Julie and Susie. Have fun, I did.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Blog

Check out the "Toth Family" blogspot. Go to my favorite links and click on Toth Family News.