Tuesday, February 19, 2008


RYAN NEWMAN. Ok, I know some of you are in to your football, but my Husband likes NASCAR. I know some about it, and picked Ryan Newman as my driver. Well he won the Daytona 500. I was excited that He did. I know this my not interest you, but just wanted to share.



A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Tom loves to watch the races and he will listen if we are traveling but he is not a big fan. He was there the night before the race and would you believe that the motel bill went up to over $100.00 on Friday night and they were paying like $40.00 a night. Tom couldn't believe it. He had to pay it (0r rather the company paid it) or sleep in the street. I guess that's what happens when famous people come to town...lol.

Hey that's great your favorite won. Take care.

~Heather~ said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I was trying to figure out which "Becky" this was...so enjoyed coming to your blog and looking around.

Have a wonderful day. =)