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I know many of us of a thing for "Pinterest". Since I joined this past spring, I have gotten so many ideas and have tried many of them. This idea that I am sharing with you, did not come from Pinterest, but from a craft show that my husband and I went to this past weekend. I so wish I would have taken a picture of the one there, but I did not. It was made horribly, and I wanted to try it and I LOVE mine. My nephews Alex and Josh was wanting to come to my house to do a craft, so they made one as well. 
Supplies you will need are:
Hot glue gun or Spray Adhesive
Paint or Markers
Natural Duckcloth or your choice of material for hat

All I did was cut out a piece of cardboard and a piece of batting (however big you want it). Then I glued them together. I wish I would have had some spray adhesive, would have worked much better.

I stapled the burlap to the cardboard (my husband informed me that this may not hold, that is
why I wish I had the spray adhesive.)

I painted on the face, or you could use markers and added some raffia for the hair. 

Added the hat, put burlap and a sunflower onto the hat and you got the finished product. 
This is Josh's scarecrow.

Alex's scarecrow

My scarecrow. Added a piece of burlap to hang it with

Added a piece of felt to the back and there you have an
adorable scarecrow!!

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