Friday, December 12, 2008

~Snow Riding~

Last weekend we had a few inches of snow, and on Monday when Ayden came to my house, his daddy brought his sleds. He wanted to go snow riding. So Tom took him snow riding. Here are a few pictures of them. Love the ones of Ayden.

Virginia Trip

Last Friday, my brother Danny and I, took off for Virginia to visit my sisters Rachel and Julie. Rachel knew that I was coming but Julie did not. I was wanting to surprise them both, but they had plans to attend a Christmas concert and had to have tickets, so I had to tell Rachel. I really surprised Julie. I hid in her shower, and when she came into the bathroom, I slowly pulled back the curtains. All she could do was stand there and scream as she was stomping her feet. Rachel, Danny and I just laughed. Julie scares very easy. She said it was well worth it. I just love them. We stayed until Sunday afternoon and came home. We all had a fun time.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I love the song "Count your Blessings, name them one by one", but it really goes thru my mind this time of year. I am so thankful for the many blessings that God has given me. God is such an AWESOME God, and cannot even begin to count ALL of the blessings.
Here are just a few.

1. A loving Heavenly Father.
2. My Wonderful Husband
3. My awesome family
4. Wonderful In Laws
5. Church Family
6. JR Church Kids-love them all

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my family. All was there but Debbie, Rachel,Julie, Douglas and Sarah. Missed them so much. Ate way to much food, but all was very delicious. Enjoyed taking pictures of my family even when they don't want it taken. I think by now, they are realizing I will ALWAYS have a camera handy:) That evening went to my In Laws and enjoyed our time with them. My Mother in law fixed supper, but I did not have anything, still to stuffed from dinner. She did send food home with us, so I still ate, just not then.

Here are some pictures from our day. Enjoy!!

Thanksgiving 2008