Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Hours of My Day

I have been tagged by Gale, to do a list of My Day. Here it goes.

11:00am Got up (did not sleep well last night) Did up my folders for my party and got everything else ready.

12:00pm Took my shower and washed my hair. Got dressed and took Tom to our Friends.

1:00pm Left to go to my HGP Party. Arrived at Party and set things up.

2:00pm Party started!! YEA!!

3:00PM Still at Party having fun

4:00pm getting ready to leave Party

5:00pm At Walmart. Heading to our friends Jayme and Amy

6:00pm Eating supper at Jayme and Amy's.

7:00pm Still at Jayme and Amy's

8:00pm Still there

9:00pm Not home yet:)

10:00pm Getting ready to head home

11:00pm We are safely home

12:00am Checking emails and blogs:) going to go to bed soon.

Ok, now I did mine, so now I am going to tag Valerie, Brenda, Julie and Susie. Have fun, I did.

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A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Thanks for playing along Becky. It's fun to see what other people do in their day. I never knew any body who "partied" all day See ya.