Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, June 9th, we had Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary party. This was not a surprise for them, since we figured they would expect something. We had it at my Church Fellowship Hall. Everyone had a great time. A time to catch up with relatives and friends that we have not seen in awhile. God has truly blessed my parents tremendously. He gave them 9 awesome children, 3 great son-in-laws, 3 great daughter-in-laws, 13 wonderful grandkids, many nieces and nephews and abundant of friends. In their 50 yrs., they have had their hard times, their ups and downs, but God has always been there for them. A little bit of how they met. Dad was 38 and Mom 24 when they met. My Dad started going to Church, and got saved, and one of Mom's friend, went home from Church and told her that their was a guy that got saved and She needed to meet Him. The next Sunday, Mom showed up at Church, and she said that as soon as she saw Him, God told her that he was the one for Her. They dated for 3 months and got married, May 25th, 1957. I love my parents dearly, and thank God daily for them.

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