Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank You

I know this is late but...
Thank YOU to all of the VETERAN'S. If it wasn't for them, would our Country be a "FREE" Country? I am so thankful, that we do have Men and Women who are WILLING to fight for us. Some people may protest about our Men and Women being over Seas, but they are not realizing, how they are protecting us.

My Dad fought in WWII. He has told us some stories about His life in the Army, some that are not so good, and some that make you laugh. He will not talk so much about the fighting part, but He did say, that at one point, He prayed to God, that if He would get Him safely home He would serve Him. He got home safely, but He did not start serving God right away. He later got saved, and has been serving God for over 50 years.

Dad at the WWII wall in D.C.

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