Saturday, March 1, 2008

Charles 60th Birthday Party

Today, we had a 60th birthday party on my Father in law Charles. I also got to meet Tom's sister for the first time today. I was so happy about that. She has 3 adorable kids. Charles bought a new 4 wheeler today, and he even let me take it for a ride. It is just my type, you don't have to shift gears:)

Enjoy the pics!!

Charles 60th Birthday Party and New Toy

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A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Hey Becky, Sorry to take so long to get back to you on my sister Sue and your brother-in-law's family, Jerome and Lenita. Sue lived in Nelsonville for a while and co-pastored I think. They also pastored in Canton, there again I think. Anywhoo, they met Jerome and Lenita at one of those churches and became very close friends. I only knew them briefly. We all are connected through Steve and Valerie and the Heskett clan. Very good friends of ours. Sue and her family are here at HS too. Their kids are in the school and they work with the bus ministry. They are actually in PA this week for bus convention. If you go you will have to try to find her.

Love the four wheeler. The best kind is the shiftless kind. Give me an automatic any ole day. I love to ride as long as I'm on level teraferma. I get really nervous when I have to go up hills and through mud. Scary!! :):)

I haven't been able to blog much lately. This new job keeps me hopping and then I have everything else to take care of after I get home. Not much time for myself.

Well, take care and God bless. Hopefully your starting to get warmer weather in the great North. Talk to you soon.