Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tom and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday, April 22nd.

I thank God daily for brining Tom and I together. Before I met Tom, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find my true love. I was 27 when Tom and I met. Yes, there were times that I thought that I had "found" the right one, but do I thank God, that they weren't. God has blessed our lives together thru these 8 years. No all the times have not been rosey, but we had someone to help us through those time, God. When we got married, we were determined to keep God first in our lives, and by His grace we have.

Tom, I love you more than anything, and I pray that we have many more wonderful years together. I LOVE YOU

Our Wedding


Valerie said...

I didn't remember that your anniversary was in April. Happy Anniversary to you and Tom you both are dear friends. :)

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Happy Anniversary Becky!! I pray the next 8 years are just as wonderful. Hope you had a wonderful day.