Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Around 3:55 this morning, I was wakened by the sound of wind, rain and thunder. This is unusual for me, but for some reason I was. I went into the other bedroom to look out the window to check things out, didn't think it was to bad, went back to bed and a few minutes later, got back up and went into the other bedroom, again. As I was heading back to bed the electricity went out, and then I decided to wake up Tom. I told him that we needed to go downstairs because of the storm, but he really did not agree. But it wasn't long that he decided he better. We did not need candles to see, because the lightning was constant and very bright. When we got down there we opened the front door, but could not see a thing. I then told him we needed to get into the closet, and we did, praying. By this time the wind was blowing so bad, raining and hailing. I was scared, not only for us, but for the local Church camp that was right down the road from us. God heard our prayers, not long after I started praying, the storm quieted. We now know that God was in this storm. The camp, no one was hurt, but oh so much damage. Not one cabin, dorm and the Tabernacle was damaged. There were trees everywhere, and power lines down. They had to cancel the camp and also the camp coming up next week. We finally got our power back on a little after midnight!! I will post pictures later of this storm, had to use my phone for pictures. The amazing thing about this, there was not one person that was killed or injured in this storm. They say that the winds reached 11o mph. They have not declared a tornado as of yet, just thinking straight line winds.

"God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so Good to me."

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A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

WOW!! I'm so glad you are ok and that no one was hurt. Living in FL those kinds of winds are no stranger to us but it really is wierd to hear of them where you are. God surely had His hand on you. I agree. It probably was a tornado.

I love your new page. How did you get that?? Please pass on some info to me as I'm getting a little bored with mine. Take care. So good to hear from you again. God bless. Gale