Monday, November 10, 2008


Sunday, was the first time I got to take Ayden to Church with me. He is the little boy that I watch a couple times a week. He LOVED it. When we got there (we were a few minutes late) He saw some of the girls up front singing, so he wanted to. A while back, he was saying something about good, good, good, and it reminded me of the the song "Well it's good, good, good away from where I stood. The way is straight and narrow but it's good, good, good. It makes we want to sing, and witness for my King. The way is straight and narrow but it's good, good, good." Well I taught him this song, and He loves to sing it. This is what he wanted to sing today I wasn't sure if he would actually sing it or not, but he did. He did really good. During Sunday, I guess he talked the whole time, but he sweet teacher let him, but he also learned his lesson. He is one smart little guy. The things he would say, people kept asking me "how old is he?" He is 3, very smart for his age. This picture is of Ayden, and the turkey head band was a craft that we did in JR Church. I also added a picture of Hayley, Aydens new little friend.


Laura said...

Becky, that is neat that you got to take him to church.You never know what may come of this. You are so good with kids and they love you! friends, laura

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

That is really great!! It's so much fun to make crafts in Jr. Church. I love the turkey. So glad Ayden was able to go and to sing. I've never heard that chorus. Hope you're having a great Fall. Love.