Sunday, January 17, 2010

~Toth Christmas 2009~

My family had our Christmas on the 26th and had a great time. Love spending time with my family, even though sometimes it can kind of get crazy, especially with 35 people:). We had our Christmas at my brother and sisters fellowship hall in Zanesville, which is a spacious place, a huge gym and then their fireside room. The night consist of talking, playing board games, guys playing basketball, eating of course and opening gifts. For the past several years, the girls buy a gift for a girl and the guys a gift for a guy. Very interesting you might say. A couple highlights this year was all of us singing Christmas Carols, a first I might add. I thought we all sounded pretty good:) The second was, this year was the first time Mom and Dad participated in the Christmas exchange. My nephew Douglas brought a nerf gun, and that went over very well, especially with my nephews. My nephew Andrew is the one that opened that gift and needless to say was very excited. Jonathan (another nephew) stoled it from him and once a gift has been stolen 3 times, is no longer able to be stolen. Well, my Dad decided to "steal" the gun, and fortunate for him, could no longer get taken from Him. When my Dad took this, everyone laughed so hard, because no one saw this coming. Andrew was devestated(sp). Andrew then ended up with sausages, but in the end my Dad did trade back with him. What a great night we had. Didn't end to well for me, left there not feeling well at all. Just glad I made it thru Christmas before that happened.

Enjoy the pics!!

Toth Christmas 2009

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Pamela said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas. Love the nerf story. Aren't families grand?!!