Sunday, January 1, 2012

~New Year~

Happy New Year everyone!! I decided to start the New Year out right, and write on my blog. 2011 ended very well with me and my family, we spent it together. We had our family Christmas on New Year's Eve. What a great time we all had. 2012 didn't start out the greatest for me, not feeling well, means no Church on the New Year's. Stayed home and slept about all day. I pray that this new year, God will help me to grow in Him, and to so His will. I had so many struggles last year, and I know I could not have gotten through them all without Him. He is ever faithful to me. Here are a few pictures of my family.

All of the Sister's (sis in laws) + Oldest niece
All the brothers (& in laws) + nephew
All the Granddaughters
Most of the Grandsons
Mom & Dad and their 9 kids!!

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