Thursday, April 4, 2013

~Bayden's Baby Shower~

The cake for Bayden's shower. Love it!!

Cousin Ethel

Just love his big eyes

Cousin Sherry

Mommy & Bayden

Great Grandma & Bayden

Mommy, Daddy & Bayden

Great Aunt Yvonne

Great-Great Aunt Julia

Great Grandpa & Bayden

I had my pastor say a special prayer for Bayden. Daddy (my nephew) is a great daddy and will do anything for Bayden. Mommy, well she needs lots of prayer. It seems like she puts her wants and needs before Bayden's and does not care where she stays or if she drinks with him around. Not a good situation, so would appreciate your prayers for them. 

Pastor Ken Teter

Great Uncle Mike

Great Uncle Danny

Me and my sweet pea :)

Absolutely love this! My sister Debbie (grandma) says he sleeps like this a lot.

Grandpa John

Grandma Debbie

Cousin Tim

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