Monday, October 29, 2007

Church Wiener Roast and Pastor Appreciation

The past couple of weeks has been busy for our Church. We had our annual Church wiener roast and then this past Sunday was our Pastor Appreciation Day. We are so blessed to have Pastor Kenneth Teter and His wife, Deloris, has our Pastor. They are the sweetest couple. They have been at our Church for 34 years. They have not always been my pastor, only for the last 8 years. It seems like they have always been though. Right now, we could not ask for a better Pastor.

Below is pictures of the wiener roast and pastor appreciation. My digital camera was not working when we actually presented them with their gifts, I had to use my film camera, so those pictures are coming later, when I get my film developed.


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A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

I miss the weiner roasts we would have every Fall when the weather would cool down. Makes me soooo homesick!! Glad you had a good time.