Monday, April 23, 2012

Momma turns 80

My sweet mother turned 80 back on March 7th. We had a surprise birthday party on her on March 3rd. Two of my sisters live in VA, and they came home that weekend, yet another surprise for her:) We figured she would know something was up when they showed up, but the next day, they told her that Julie was going to go to my church with me to help me with something, and then they were going to get her and get something to eat. She had NO idea what was waiting for her. A good time was had by all.
(not sure why the pictures are not in order)

The Beautiful Cake from Walmart

2 of my Beautiful nieces Courtney and Cynthia

2 more beautiful nieces Rachel and Maegan

My sister Rachel and Niece Renee

My Dad's nephew and Sister

My Mom's Nephew and Niece

Mom's Niece

My Dad's niece

My oldest sister Yvonne and Mom's niece

Grandma with some of her ornery grandchildren!

Sister in law Sara and my sister Rachel

Great nephew Hudson!

Aunt Renee and Hudson

Mom and Yvonne

My WONDERFUL parents!!

Hudson LOVES Grandpa's cane!!

My oldest brother Michael and Bonnie

My sweet mother walking in!!

My dad and his sister Julia (my dad is 93 and she is in her 80's)

My nephew Timothy and Hudson

Nephew Alex

My sister Julie and Hudson

Had to get a picture of my nephew Douglas and his family, 
since they weren't at our family Christmas.

Nephews Timothy and Benji

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